I got bad news for you

@sm stop dropping your idols wtf are you doing also can shindong be the next to go




Woah, I understand you’re upset (and have every right to be), but that’s no reason to drag Shindong into this. Instead of trying to tear down other groups and continue with these silly fandom wars, why not just support each other?

i mean ur taking the nicest approach to this than like every other sj stan but im not trying to bring down suju! i like them dam!! it’s just tht shindong is mayb The most problematic idol in sm (other than b**khyun) so like? if any sm idol deserves it like… not gonna name names but…,shindig…

No idol deserves to be “dropped” from the group they have worked so hard to make successful, unless they do something unforgivable like assault someone, etc. Besides, you are comparing apples and oranges. They may be a part of the same company, but they are in two different groups.

That’s like saying an actor from show A should have been dropped instead of an actor from show B just because they are on the same network. It just doesn’t make sense.

…what about girl groups covering boy groups?

*exid’s 1st lineup with bestie’s haeryung, yuji, and hyeyeon


What really happened to Jessica